Tuesday, 22 February 2011

3D - Gnomeo & Juliet

Tonight I have been to see Gnomeo & Juliet

The tale of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers is the inspiration behind this brilliant new animated film, now in mind-blowing 3D.
Gnomeo (James McAvoy) and Juliet (Emily Blunt) are two garden gnomes who are madly in love with one another. But they are from opposing gnome clans and their love is divided by a massive feud - and a huge fence! You see, red gnomes and blue gnomes have been enemies forever - so long, in fact, it's hard to remember why - and these guys simply cannot see eye-to-eye. But this doesn't stop Gnomeo and Juliet continuing their romance in secret, with the assistance of a few helpful (and some not-so-helpful) friends. Cut to lawn-mower races and full-scale battles as these two tribes go to war - they may be small (and made of plastic), but they mean business! With a troupe of famous actors voicing these diminutive characters, this brilliant animation racks up a laugh-a-minute. 

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Tonight I have been to see Paul.

Two best pals - Graeme (Simon Pegg) and Clive (Nick Frost) are travelling across the USA on the ultimate pilgrimage: to visit the world's premiere sci-fi convention. While casually driving through America's famed Area 51 in their rented RV, a freak accident leads to an encounter with Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) - a visiting extra-terrestrial who is AWOL from the secret military base. In the spirit of all things alien, Paul is desperate to go home and begs Graeme and Clive to help him get there. With Federal Agents - including the dogged Special Agent Lorenzo Zoil (Jason Bateman) - hot on their trail and the inadvertently kidnapped Ruth (Kristen Wiig) by their side, will our two accidental heroes manage to save the day? And can they do so without getting themselves shot in the process? Let's hope so! 

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Fighter

Tonight I have been to see The Fighter.

Dickie Eckland (Christian Bale) used to be a contender, but these days he's just a washed-up boxer, sullied by drug addiction. His younger half-brother, Mickey (Mark Wahlberg) has become the family hope in the ring and it's Dickie's job to pass on everything he knows. That is until Mickey loses the last in a long line of fights. Fed up with feeling humiliated, he decides to hang up his gloves, but pretty barmaid Charlene (Amy Adams) persuades him otherwise, giving him the courage he needs to step away from his destructive family and make a break for victory on his own. Can his family give him the space he needs to flourish, or can they reconcile themselves to work together and make him even stronger? With stellar performances from an impressive cast, you'll enjoy finding out.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Just Go With It

This afternoon I have been to see Just Go With It.
Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) is a plastic surgeon who pretends he's unhappily married to pick up women. That is until he meets the beautiful Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) - a young schoolteacher with whom he thinks he could have a future. Unfortunately she finds his fake wedding band and calls everything off. Desperate, he seeks the advice of his colleague, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), who suggests he talk his way out of it by telling Palmer he's getting divorced, which he does, only for her to insist on hearing it from his ex. Now comes the big favour - Danny begs Katherine to pose as his estranged wife. Everything is going well, until Katherine accidentally mentions her kids... As one lie evolves into another, only a fated trip to Hawaii can decide the outcome of this twisted love triangle.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Easy A

Tonight I have been to see Easy A.

A clean-cut student finds a little white lie enhances her social standing in this smart high school comedy.
Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone) is sick and tired of being a non-entity at high school. But she soon finds her good girl reputation disappearing when she pretends to sleep with her gay best friend, Brandon (Dan Byrd) at a party. Olive is inspired by the classic novel 'The Scarlet Letter', where a woman is found guilty of adultery and forced to wear a scarlet 'A' on her clothes. Olive does the same and finds herself with a reputation for being the most promiscuous girl on campus. But not everyone is so pleased about Olive's newly-found popularity. Opposition appears in the form of a jealous fellow student, the ultra-uptight conservative Marianne (Amanda Bynes) who launches a campaign to have Olive expelled from school. Look out for Penn Badgley from 'Gossip Girl' as Olive's love interest, Woodchuck Todd.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

3D - Sanctum

Tonight I have been to see Sanctum 3D.
Underwater cave divers find themselves trapped in the world's most inaccessible cave in this tense action-thriller.
When expert diver Frank McGuire (Richard Roxburgh) decides to explore the largest cave system on earth, he has an idea of the dangers that lay ahead, but trusts his know-how to see him and his team through. That is until a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns with no way out but down. Now, his team of adrenalin junkies, including his 17-year-old son Josh (Rhys Wakefield) and financier Carl Hurley (Ioan Gruffudd), must survive raging torrents of water, deadly terrain and depleting oxygen levels as they desperately make their way further into the caves towards the ocean in a bid to escape. But the underwater labyrinth has plenty of nasty surprises in store for these intrepid adventurers, ones that will challenge the most hardcore of thrill-seekers. Will they all make it out alive? 

Monday, 7 February 2011

The King's Speech

This afternoon I have been to see The King's Speech
It's 1936, and when Edward VIII threatens to abdicate from the British throne, his younger brother Bertie (Colin Firth) knows he must overcome his humiliating stammer in order to rule the country.
The constitutional crisis caused by the plans of Edward VIII (Guy Pearce) to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson threatens disaster for the country, but Bertie has his own problems to face. Afflicted by a debilitating nervous stammer since childhood, he can barely make a public speech, let alone rule a country heading towards World War II. In this true story, Bertie, the future King George VI, battles to beat his speech impediment. His wife Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter) enlists the services of unorthodox Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). Can Logue and his unusual techniques help her proud husband overcome his fears and become one of Britain's greatest monarchs? The King's Speech is a superb period biopic with some of the finest British acting talent around.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

3D - The Green Hornet

Tonight I have been to see The Green Hornet, 

Britt Reid (Rogen) is the son of a newspaper publisher. His nights are spent partying, his days spent sleeping it off. That is until his father is killed, and he meets a company employee called Kato (Jay Chou), who lets him in on some of his father's secrets. Using a staggering cache of weaponry and just about the coolest car you've ever seen, Reid and Kato don masks and become crimefighters, which unfortunately brings them to the attention of Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). As a man who has just succeeded in uniting an entire city's criminal gangs under his rule, Chudnofsky is not about to tolerate a masked hero getting in his way. The scene is set for a showdown full of furious action and quick one-liners adding up to a cinema experience that you won't forget in a hurry.